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About the conference

About the conference

Under the patronage of Dr. Najah Al-Attar, Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Syrian Virtual University, the Virtual University in cooperation with the Higher Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology and the Arab School for Science and Technology organizes the second Digital Arabic Content Conference entitled:

Knowledgable Content in Syria– Building Managing and  Harnessing


Opening:       Friday 31 August- 2018 at 6 pm

Dar Al Assad for Culture and Arts (Opera House)

Events: Saturday and Sunday 1 and 2 September- 2018

Al Assad National Library Auditorium

in accordance with the decision of the Board of Trustees of Syrian Virtual University No. 1 / MA dated 07/01/2018,  a Supervisory Committee was established to organize the Digital Content Industry Conference.


Syrian Knowledge Content

The process of producing digital knowledge acquired as a result of a cognitive or educational effort (information - placed in digital form - bearing value in a specific context and directed towards a specific audience with the aim of achieving an end such as media, education, knowledge, services of various kinds, or entertainment, etc.) made by content makers (People or organizations),  and is generated by educational, governmental, commercial and media activities with the help of  information tools and systems, and then managed and connected to the Internet and invested, which is produced by Syria from written or spoken content in Arabic or other languages.


Objectives of the Conference

1. To consolidate the concept of the knowledge content / acquired Syrian digital content in its useful patterns, represented by different types with specific purposes and serve specific objectives such as educational and scientific content, government administrative content, government service content, cultural content, media and commercial content, determining the concerned to invest in each pattern.

2. To raise awareness about the importance of digital content and the importance of related industries and its necessity in economic and social development.

3. Presenting experiences and initiatives related to the Syrian digital knowledge / acquired industry, including the ways of its construction, management, use, investment, and manufacturing mechanisms to achieve profit on various levels. Examples of this are:

  • Development of educational / didactic programs with digital educational training content in various fields
  • Digitization and archiving of documents with a developmental role such as documents, encyclopedias and scientific and cultural libraries (eg, the National Library), which can include publications, graduation theses, books, dissertations and references through a national platform available for the public on the Internet within specific criteria and within creative formats to establish a comprehensive Syrian National archive.
  • The establishment of virtual tourism centers that document the basic Syrian landmarks with the cooperation of related authorities.

4. To gather concerned parties and develop a comprehensive framework to secure financial and logistic support from the public and private sectors and develop appropriate mechanisms to invest this support to fund proposed initiatives.


The main themes of the conference

1. Scientific / educational / research digital content

2. Government digital content

3. Cultural and media digital content

4. Economic and commercial digital content